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Transmission Belt

XINBEX Belt Code for Power Transmission Belt

1. Series N ( Include Series NT): High Speed Flat Belt, mostly use in high speed conveying or light load transmission.

2. Series TT: Secondary level high speed flat belt, more better on strength and plain nylon base and more good wear resistance fiber materiall.

3. Series TS: High speed flat transmission belt, special for some machine which in small roller diameter. Matt rubber surface,straight and fit belt, high wear resistance fiber on bottom.

4. Series TC:  Polyester material, super strength and speed transmission belt, finger splice. Fit for smaller diameter pulley and complex wrap on same level of strength.  

5. Series TF:  Super strength, super speed transmission belt, use for tangential belt or some overload transmission environment. Say textile industry.                   

6. Series SF: Secondary strength transmission belt, can be treated as secondary tangential belt.

7. Series CF: General transmission belt made in china.

8.  Series XH: Both side blue, thick nylon base. excellent on wear resistance, softer rubber material.

9. Series DG: Both side with thick rubber on surface, italy brand CHIORINO, use for some high requirement environment.

10. Series GG: Both side green, thick nylon base, good wear resistance, softer rubber material.

11. Series DF: General power transmission belt, both side with thick rubber.

12. Series LL:  Both side leather.

13. Series LT:  One side leather. 

PLY Mini Dia
CF30 rubber green / yellow 3.0 2 70 5 -20 / 100 show
MAB-02 Rubber green / black 1.1 1 10 5 -30/ +150 show


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